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We have a passion for people and technology, and we use this to build better futures

I.T. Excellence from Göteborg, Sweden

About Us: Who we are...

DidUp is an IT company which leads the field in Consulting Services, IT Services and Cloud Services. 
We have consultants who work with Gothenburgs biggest businesses (e.g. Volvo, Boeing etc.) and we have an IT services and cloud services operation that works with local small and medium sized businesses. 

IT Services

We work with our customers and take over the management of their IT systems.  We become their IT department.

Consultant Services

Our consultants perform key roles, in key projects at key businesses.  They have the skills and experience to your key initiatives too. 

Cloud Services

We help our customer define and implement cloud transformation strategies.  We have extensive experience with both on-prem and cloud infrastructure to minimize issues to you.


"We combine senior, experienced leaders with exceptional young talent to create a certainty and excellence throughout the life-cycle of your projects and your systems."

What makes us proud.

Our unique combination of specialist expertise in business development, IT leadership, cloud technologies and digital transformation allows our customers to derive maximum value and benefit from their investments.
Our strong company culture is based on collaboration and teamwork. By sharing our knowledge and positive attitude, we build long-term relationships with both employees and customers.

We improve your companys bottom line by driving your digital transformation.

Why Work at DidUp


For us, it is as important to work with the best people as it is to use technology in the most productive way.   How we, together with our employees, partners and customers, can create a better future together is what motivates and develops everyone at DidUp


Work alongside the brightest and best in their field.   Your colleagues at DidUp have unique skills and experiences and a willingness to share and grow together.
DidUp is a collection of excellent, highly skills individuals working and supporting each other to deliver their customers requirements.


We are a generous and open-minded employer.  We actively manage personal development plans and support any member of the team should they have entrepreneurial goals.

Company Number: 559045-9821

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Proudly from Gothenburg Sweden

© 2020 by DidUp AB


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