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We're currently seeking

Software Developers, Cloud Experts, Automated Testers, Agile Leaders, Product Owners, IT operations
At DidUp, we pride ourselves on having the most dedicated staff committed to making our clients products and projects a success.  We are full of fresh, creative thinkers who are enthusiastic and passionate about contributing new ideas to the world of application development and IT operations.
We foster a work culture of collaboration, problem solving and team building.
Through the years we have maintained a start-up culture with a fun environment to promote creativity among all workers and encourage the overlap of technical, creative and business teams to learn from each other.

Be fully rewarded

- Terrific salary packages
- Generous vacation allowance
- You steer a large education allowance
- Excellent insurances
- Excellent pension
- The best assignments
- Support your side projects
- Certifications & pro qualifications
- Active involvement in our business
- Excellent colleagues and network
- The best projects and customers
- Mentor-ship and development

What we're looking for


We are looking for bright individuals who consider IT systems more of a passion than a career. 


Someone who finds the challenge of staying up-to-date fun rather than troublesome.


We value personal skills to technical skills. Capable of being a team member, working alone or leading from the front.  

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If you are interested in speaking to us.  Reach out to us at the email address below and we would really love to start speaking with you.